AMHL – 1992 All-Star Game


North 5 – South 3

Scoring Summary


Team Period Time Scorer Assists
South 1 2:00 Shane Mulrooney Colin Gowen
North 1 17:51 Russel Hewson Jason Day
North 2 2:45 David Liberty Scott Nichol
North 2 18:34 Dylan Dellezay Joe Tassone
North 2 19:07 Scott Mead Unassisted
South 3 0:44 Ryan McNiven Greg Story
South 3 2:04 Bob Graham Corey Heon/Cam Cook
North 3 19:33 Scott Mead Brent Symes



South Division
No. Name Team Position
* 1 Mike Parsons Calgary Buffaloes Goal
40 Kelly Mruk Calgary Buffaloes Goal
* 3 Bob Graham Medicine Hat Tigers Defense
5 Nolan Baumgartner Calgary Flames Defense
6 Colin Gowen Calgary Northstars Defense
* 7 Tim Murray Calgary Royals Defense
9 Harry York Red Deer Cheifs Centre
10 Corey Heon Calgary Northstars Centre
* 12 Scott Nichol Calgary Flames Centre
13 Shane Mulrooney Medicine Hat Tigers L.Wing
* 15 Cam Cook Calgary Royals L.Wing
17 Steve Kathol Calgary Buffaloes Centre
18 Joe Murphy Foothills Bisons R.Wing
19 Jason Sutherland Foothills Bisons L.Wing
22 Aaron Honess Lethbridge Y’s Men R.Wing
* 23 Sean Selmser Calgary Buffaloes R.Wing
24 Ryan McNiven Lethbridge Y’s Men Defense
29 Greg Story Medicine Hat Tigers R.Wing
33 Brian Hope Red Deer Cheifs Defense
77 Tyler Deis Calgary Buffaloes L.Wing
91 Cam Guss Calgary Flames Centre
* First Team Allstar

Coaching Staff:

Calgary Buffaloes

Coach Reid Williams
Asst. Coach Kevin Kobelka
Asst. Coach Craig Demitrick
Manager Wayne Sinclair
Trainers Merlyn Ness
North Division
No. Name Team Position
* 35 Shawn Wighton Ft. Saskatchewan Rangers Goal
37 Mark Kane St. Albert Goal
* 2 Dallas Thompson Sherwood Park Kings Defense
3 Jason Day Edmonton. Maple leafs R.Wing
* 4 Bob Bessette Edmonton Athletics Defense
* 7 Steve Parton Ft. Saskatchewan Rangers L.Wing
* 8 Brent Symes Sherwood Park Kings Centre
10 Bryan Forsland Sherwood Park Kings L.Wing
11 Dammond Langkow Edmonton Athletics Centre
12 Chris Yule Edmonton Maple leafs R.Wing
15 Jason Bowen Edmonton Knights of Columbus Defense
16 David Liberty Edmonton Canadians Centre
17 Brian Zarsky Edmonton Knights of Columbus R.Wing
19 Greg Koutzun Edmonton Canadians Defense
21 Dylan Dellezay Leduc R.Wing
22 Dion Darling St. Albert Defense
24 Shane Cartwright St. Albert Defense
41 Joe Tassone Edmonton Knights of Columbus L.Wing
44 Russel Hewson Leduc L.Wing
68 Mark Hurley Sherwood Park Centre
* 88 Scott Mead Sherwood Park R.Wing
* First Team Allstar

Coaching Staff:

Sherwood Park

Coach Chris Deakin
Asst. Coach Rick Parranto
Asst. Coach Ian Herbers
Manager Willy Leyer
Trainer Troy Erickson